Ten days ago, we made history together by organizing the largest peaceful demonstration ever seen. Since then, many of you have shared success stories and anecdotes that have inspired us and moved us nearly to tears. Now, the challenge and opportunity in front of us all is how we take the Women’s March and turn it into an ongoing movement. We need to channel this energy and keep it growing as we prepare for a very long fight for women’s health, civil rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, environmental justice, and many of the other important progressive values we all hold dear. This is our movement and its power comes from its creative grassroots energy and commitment. We can’t stop and we won’t stop.

You’ve made it clear to us through your feedback that you are all in this for the long haul, so we are excited to announce that the second of ten collective actions we will be taking together in the next 100 days is to organize Next Up Huddles.

Click here to be the first to host a Huddle in your city.

Here are the goals that we envision for each of these neighborhood-based Huddles:

  • To get to know each other and build a community of support for action in your area.

  • To envision what it will take to mobilize our community to win back the country and world we want.

  • To define a set of actions and strategies that our group will pursue in the coming weeks and months.

These Huddles are meant to be small-scale and discussion-based, fostering a safe and inclusive space for community members working together to achieve a society where democracy, justice, and freedom prevail. We recommend hosting a Huddle in your home or a community meeting space where there is at least one facilitator per each 10-15 guests.

Please review this overview for more info about the Huddle & this toolkit for host guidelines, a proposed agenda, tips for future actions, and other important resources for hosting a successful Huddle.

The success of this movement depends on building powerful bonds within our communities and empowering a network of neighborhoods across the country to act collectively to resist social injustice.

Strengthen our movement by committing to host or attend a Huddle in your community.

We look forward to having your Huddle on the map.

In Community Solidarity