Last week Donald Trump (won’t use the word President) signed an executive memo that will make it easier for TransCanada to complete the unfinished portion of the Dakota Pipeline Access.  This pipeline could impact local communities, water supplies and cultural heritage sites.  To corporate American, this does not matter.  However, it matters to the Indigenous people who reside in this area and to those who support them.  Tribe members and protesters have been camped out for months in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, in opposition to the pipeline. Please consider supporting Standing Rock Protesters who are willfully and peacefully standing their ground.  They could use all the help they can get to stay for the long haul.

Stand With Standing Rock

It appears that what the Indigenous people and other environmentalists are doing is working.  Supporters are bringing more assistance to the Standing Rock protesters.  Read the latest articles that have appeared in the news recently.

Veterans Raise Funds to Help Standing Rock Protesters

Seattle City Council urged to severe ties with Wells Fargo due to their part in the Dakota Pipeline