Those of us who are organizing the march have decided to dedicate the march to Tina Orwall’s vision of trying to change the rape kit processing system in Washington State. Currently, there are 5000 unprocessed rape kits sitting on shelves, many for several years. This means that justice has not been served for thousands of women/men. Tina Orwell has made it her mission to not only work towards having all these rape kits processed, but procuring more techs and labs to assist, creating a tracking system for the results, and developing specialized training for officers and advocates in order to better assist the victims.

After the march, volunteers will have be walking around with pink goblets for donations that will directly fund processing the rape kits still shelved in WA and finally help obtain the long, overdue justice these sexual assault victims deserve.

Here is the latest info on Tina Orwall’s efforts, at

Rape Kit Reform Takes Another Step

Washington State is getting good at this rape kit reform process.  Rep. Tina Orwall and her band of SAFE Task Force members take the next step towards fixing this problem.  Bill HB1109 is this year’s bill.  Read more about it here.