Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately, the only dogs allowed at this event are service dogs.

Will there be t-shirts, water, or anything else for sale at the march?

Since this is a freedom of speech march, we are not allowed to sell items at the Capitol.  But I believe you can still purchase them online at  Women’s March Gear.  Also, we will not be providing water or snacks of any kind.  Please make sure you bring your own.

Will there be bathrooms?

We have ordered two regular porta potties and one ADA.  On the longer march, we will be turning around at Heritage Park.  Their restrooms are open as well.

Is this an Anti-Trump March?

We do not consider this an Anti-Trump March because he does not deserve any recognition in this good or bad.  However, voting him and his administration into office has influenced many women to band together to show solidarity as sisters in a world that has and may likely become more misogynous, racist and discriminatory.  The Women’s March On Olympia is a place for women, and those who love and respect them, to gather and march in solidarity for women’s rights and supporting individuals who have been made to feel marginalized and discriminated against.

Will there be groups/organizations harassing the marchers?

We hope this is not the case but are planning for any situation that may arise.  We need to make sure that everyone takes care of everyone at the march. We will have “peace keepers” on the perimeter of the march keeping an eye out for anything suspicious and told what to do if anything arises.  Additionally, the City of Olympia Police have been incredibly supportive of our march and will be working with us as well.

Can we carry backpacks during the march?

Yes you can carry backpacks during the march.  The smaller the better.

Do I have to register for this march or pay to participate?

You do not have to register or pay to participate.  This is a freedom of speech march and all are welcome.  We do encourage you to go to the FB page at Women’s March on Olympia and let us know if you are “going”.  This way we can TRY to accurately count the amount of people we have coming but I know that many people are bringing multiple people with them.

Can my sign have a stick or pole in it?

Yes you can put your poster on a stick but please know you can’t take it in the Capitol with you.  Suggestion, if you are going to carry a sign and want your hands free, punch holes in the top and put a string on it and put it around your neck.  Can’t wait to see the posters that will be honoring our march!

Is this march going to be family friendly?

We encourage people to bring their children because this is our next generation and they NEED to see how to have a peaceful, and powerful, gathering.  When women and the people that support them get together, wondrous things can happen.  It is important to show our girls how to be strong women and, for our boys, it is a huge step in respecting and honoring women as well.  While it is considered a protest, we want the energy of all the women to empower and support each other.  And when you leave the march, we hope it will help you to continue, or kick start, your presence in this world.  Remember, women make up 51% of the population.

What happens if it rains?

It is forecasted to rain unfortunately.  But we will march anyway!  I would suggest just being prepared for the weather.  Wear layers, a rain coat, comfortable shoes, put clear plastic over your sign if you want, although it may end up littering the streets.  You can bring umbrellas but just be aware of your neighbor when carrying one.  I hope this won’t sway you from attending.  This world event is going to be monumental.  It would be wonderful to be a part of it.  Its only water, right?