1) Decide on location – where, how long, how many?

2) Get your permits done as soon as you decide the above information.  You can always change the information, if necessary, but it is easier to say you are holding a rally for 2 hours versus 1 hr so they don’t book something right after you.  However, be more conservative about the number you are expecting.  The higher the number, the more they may require you to have certain amenities (such as porta potties)

3) If you want to schedule an event on the Capitol Campus, you must fill out an application in order to hold a rally on their grounds.

  • Contact Department of Enterprise Services
  • To fill out the application online, go to: Public tab, Schedule an Event.
  • If you want to use the parks below the Capitol, you will need to include these as well, as they are part of the Capitol Campus. Here is a link to a campus map because there are a lot of areas you may not be aware of and they want to know EXACTLY where you will be holding your event.
  • It helps to check out the event calendar to see if someone else is using your date and place. You can find this at: Current Capitol Activities and Events
  • Capitol Campus Fee Schedule

3) If you hold the rally or march in the City of Olympia

  • Use this link – City of Olympia Permits for Events
  • This will help you find information on the event you want to hold and what to do.
  • Two people will have to be on the application.
  • The application says it has to be submitted 90 days prior to event. This is not always the case.  We got our very quickly but we worked very cooperatively with the city.  But the sooner you get information in, the better.

4) If you need sound equipment, the Capitol can provide this for a fee (they have a huge list of items you can rent from them).

  • We used Dave’s pacificstage.com.  Dave and his crew did a wonderful job.  If you don’t need this magnitude of sound, it helps to purchase a few megaphones.  We got three for about $65 on Amazon.

5) Start having weekly or biweekly meetings with your committee

  • Have one or two people be the “leader”. You will need them to oversee all the work done with the committee and work with the Capitol or city.
  • We would suggest having a leader for each area that you want people to work in. We did this and it worked beautifully.  Some committees want everyone to be the “leaders” but this allows for zero accountability and many things will fall through the cracks.

I think you can go from here – Start advertising on social media, get a hold of organizations in the area to spread the word and/or “endorse” your event.  If you need funds, start a gofundme page or another similar page.  We suggest keeping it as grassroots as possible and good luck!  We need you out there sending messages to the administration that we will not stand for their outrageous actions