• The march is on January 21st. The meeting place is at the Tivoli Fountain at the WA State Capitol Grounds (416 Sid Snyder Ave SW, Olympia, WA 98504) The Tivoli Fountain is close to Capitol Way S.

• The route is on Columbia Way, NOT on Capitol Way S. They will be experiencing road closures and construction, and we did not want to risk people’s safety.
• The rally will start at 10:00 am with several speakers and then by 10:30, we will start our march. In order to avoid missing some of this event, you may want to arrive by 9:30.
• The march will be .5 miles out and .5 miles back. We will end at the Legislative steps where we will have a couple more speakers and take a picture on the stairs.
• The route will start with a downhill incline, which means there will be an uphill incline on the way back. The roads will be completely blocked for us. We get the STREETS! Since it is an out and back march, you can turn around at any time and head back.
• We have an alternative route for people with disabilities or people who may not be able to complete part of, or all of the march. It is walking on the Capitol campus where there are not stairs, large declines, or broken sidewalks.
• A local band has graciously offered to play for us during the march. Artesian Rumble Arkestra will create a fun, uplifting environment of music during our march. Please check them out at:


We are exceptionally proud to introduce our brilliant speakers!

Connie McCloud, Puyallup, will give our welcoming remarks

FIRST GROUP OF SPEAKERS: At Tivoli Fountain @ 10:00
Claudia Kaufmann – Nez Perce Tribe
Rep. Laurie Jinkins -27th L.D. – LGBTQIA
Dr. Karen A. Johnson – Black Alliance of Thurston County
Carletta Garroway – Educational Specialist

MARCH to BEGIN: 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

SECOND GROUP OF SPEAKERS – On the steps of the Legislative Building
Heather Ahmed – Islamic Center of Olympia
Rosa McLeod – Sentator Maria Cantwell’s Office – Roe V Wade
Rep. Tina Orwell – 33rd L.D. – Rape Kits and Rape Kit Tracking System
Lennee Reid – Indigenous People


• There will be three port a potties (2 regular and 1 ADA) near the Winged Victory Statue for marcher’s use. You may also use the restrooms near heritage park.
• There are several benches around the grounds but if you want to have a place to sit while waiting, please bring your own folding chair with your name on it.
• We will have extra signs for people who may not have one.
• If you have questions on the day of the march, organizers and volunteers will be wearing hot pink armbands. Look for them to answer your questions or if you need help.