• Starting from Capitol Campus onto Cherry St from Tivoli Fountain.
  • North on Cherry to 11th Ave.
  • Continuing North, west side of GA building, turning east to Columbia at Union Ave.
  • Continuing North on Columbia to Legion Way
  • West onto Legion Way to Water St.
  • South on Water St returning to Columbia St.
  • South on Columbia returning same route.



The route for people with disabilities or people who would prefer a shorter march:

  • The route distance is .35 miles.   Please see the pink path on the map.
  • It will start at the same time as the longer route.
  • Patti Dailey, the mistress of ceremonies, will be leading the shorter route.
  • She will make an announcement as to when to progress on the shorter march, behind the longer route marchers, as you will branch off eventually.
  • You will have a 3 x 8 banner for your march.
  • At the end of Cherry road, everyone will all follow the path until 11th st where the longer route will keep going and the shorter route will head towards capitol way s and then cut back on the North Diagonal Street to the Winged Victory Statue
  • We hope to have returning marchers back by then and join in with your route and everyone will walk together to the Legislative Stairs where we will have several more speakers and then pose for a picture of all of us on the stairs.


There are no stairs on this route but it does have a slight downward incline towards the beginning by the greenhouse, and then the walk is smooth along 11th street and the N. Diagonal Street sidewalk is smooth.  There are wheelchair ramps on all the sidewalks where you exit.  The first couple rows of the Legislative Stairs will be reserved for you.  If you need anything, please let us know at


Legend for map – Red = route leaving campus

Blue = returning route

Pink = Disability route (.39 miles)

Yellow = Street closures