This year the Washington Women+ Move Mountains Rally will be honoring the past, the present, and the future of women and trans/nonbinary people.

We want to make this year’s event a virtual gallery of women and trans/nonbinary people who have faces and names and have been affected negatively and/or gloriously by being women+. This may require being vulnerable and unrestricted but, by doing so, you will find compassion and respect amongst your companions.

We want to take this time to show love and honor through any means necessary (poster, shirts, hats, signs, etc). We want EVERYONE to see that domestic violence, gun violence, hate crimes violence, and trans violence is STILL happening. It is essential that we give these sisters a face, a name, statistics, or anything that shows they were here and now gone because of society’s violence against them.

Here are a few suggested templates:


Pleas feel free to add the follow “I AM A REGISTERED VOTER” graphic to your posters!